Advisory Committee

Arvind Agarwal

Director at PMA in India



Daniel Collado-Ruiz

Member Young Crew at AEIPRO  in Spain



Morten Fangel

Past president/chair at DPMA in Denmark



Stacy Goff

Vice president at ASAPM in USA



Gerrit Koch

Chairman at IPMA-NL in the Netherlands



Hans Knopfel

CVMB,  E&T board at SPM in Switzerland



Roberto Mori

Chairman CoD at IPMA inItaly



Prof.John Paris Pantouvakis

University Professor at National Technical University of Athens in Greece



Alexey Polkovnikov

Delegate at SOVNET in Russia



Radujkovic_MladenMladen Radujković

IPMA President



Agnes Roux-Kiener

Vice president at SMAP in France



Brigitte Schaden

Past president/chair at PMAustria in Austria



Miles Shepherd

Past president/chair at APM in the United Kingdom