Call for Papers

“Best Practices”

Main theme: “Innovation through Dialogue”

In order to establish a comprehensive, high quality program, we’re looking for the latest experiences and insight about Innovating the world through dialogue. Dialogue within projects, dialogue between projects (portfolio’s), dialogue over time (programs) and dialogue outside projects, with project-owners, users and stakeholders. And ofcourse the dialogue between the business and academic world.


  • Government, education, culture, healthcare, Defense Ministry
  • Financial services, IT, Media, Telecommunication
  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industry, Transport, Business, Energy, Getting Minerals, Provisions
  • Construction & Infra, Real estate, Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery

Presentation & submission guidelines

  • Only proposals completed by the form below will be honored;
  • You’ll have to complete the submission form; max. 800 words for the abstracts;
  • Presentation must be designed for all levels of experience assuming a good basic understanding of Project, Program- and Portfolio fundamentals;
  • Proposal & Presentation must be in English;
  • Generally, IPMA Netherlands and CKC Seminars do not pay per diem, honoraria, or expenses;
  • Presentations with sales or marketing purposes will be rejected. For this purpose you could contact us to participate as a sponsor (could include booth and presentation)


Please submit your paper before the 28th of February 2014. Submitter’s will receive a notification of acceptance no later than March 21st, 2014.
Presentations will be scheduled for 30 or 45 minutes.
Please mark your calendar and attend all three conference days!

Please contact in case there are any questions regarding your submission.

Use the next form to submit your Best Practice.