The Young Crew Workshops will be held from September 26th to September 28th. An impressive three day program is guaranteed. Get inspired by the best speakers and workshops. Check our program here

The GYCW program is based on a variety of speakers and interests. Here you can read some bio`s.

John Hermarij: Everything is changing. Are you ready to learn your future?

John Hermarij is a Dutch positive sceptic on project management, and has the natural ability to inspire people. Currently he’s Director of Dhirata, a project management consultancy firm in the Netherlands. John has managed national and international projects in divergent branches, trained lots of project managers all over the world and is the author of many project management books, like: ‘Better practices of Project Management’. John: “If we only could travel into the future, we could learn the outcomes of our decisions. Are you ready to learn your future? Not by fortune telling, but by dedication and commitment to a life full of learning experiences you create for yourself.” Click here for more info about John.

Fahri Akdemir: The importance of soft skills – Reaching the top by letting every teammember be succesfull in his own way.

Fahri Akdemir is a business trainer but prefers to cal himself a Projectmanagement Soft Skills trainer. He has been working in the field of training and consulting since 2002. Soft Skills like leadership, empathy, openness, flexibility and enthusiasm may let people experience flow and success in their projects and professional lives or vice versa. Currently Fahri is working on his PhD in Cross Cultural Complex Project Management Program (CCCPM) in Germany. So far he has written two articles on synergy in virtual teams and leadership, which found their place at prestigious international project management congresses in Nepal and Australia. As part of his job passion, he designs special purpose games and events, all around human behavior. Fahri Akdemir provides us an educational workshop with a lot of fun. It’s called City Treasure. Work as a team, let your soft skills role and strive the best results. You’ll also see a lot of attractive city parts and get to know the city from it’s most beautifull sides! Read more about Fahri here.

Rudolph Bolsius

Rudolph Bolsius is a Senior Consultant and Senior Project Manager of complex European projects. At this moment he is the owner of RGB Consultancy and is consultant at Amber Group in Poland. He is also a board member of the European Consortium of Learning Organizations and a member of the International Vocational Educational Training Federation (eFVET). In the past he served as a member of the research board of IPMA (till 2012) and as the vice president marketing of IPMA (till 2010). Rudolph Bolsius has a research background and is a specialist in complex projects on redesigning and blended learning as well as in corporate academies, strategic marketing and branding. During his whole professional career Rudolph is intrigued by the way humans learn. In his work he tries to establish meaningful connections between individuals,teams and organisations. He thinks classical models in project management are not appropriate for the future. They lack sensibility due to all kind of external and internal forces. Projectmanagers have to be able to look with four lenses at the same time and to take into account the type of projects they are working in. The human factor is becoming more and more dominant. What can a project manager do to deal with the human factor in a creative way without losing control? For more information about Rudolph, click here.

Olga Plokhooij

Olga Plokhooij is a strategic advisor and founder of Netherlands in Dialogue. She works with businesses and individuals on the subject of leadership, cooperation and decision making in a rapidly changing world. Dialogue plays a crucial role in her work. Read more about Olga here or here.

Liselore Havermans

Liselore Havermans is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at the VU University Amsterdam. She is a long standing member of IPMA Young Crew the Netherlands. Liselore’s main research fields are leadership and development, especially in the context of project-based organizations. She recently defended her PhD dissertation “Leadership in project-based organizations: Dealing with complex and paradoxical demands” at the University of Amsterdam, and is the principal researcher of a PMI funded study on the development of project managers. She is Management Board Member & Team Lead, Publications of DNRG (Dutch National Research Group in project management). How can leadership enable your projects and organization to be successful in the long term? Especially when you are facing continually changing complex and paradoxical demands? Fore more information about Liselore click here.

Kamil Mroz

Kamil Mroz graduated in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa in Canada and in 2011 completed an MA in International Relations from the University of Kent in Brussels, where he also served as President of the BSIS Graduate Union. Currently, he is working as an engineer for NNE Pharmaplan where he provides objective project-based advice, expertise and specialist skills to clients. Also Kamil is an Executive Board Member for the Junior Chambre International ‘The Heart of Europe’, which aims to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. In his free time, Kamil loves giving back to the community through volunteer work. As an undergraduate student, he initiated and led an international youth leadership program in Canada entitled Quo Vadis. This is now the most successful youth leadership conference in the Polish Diaspora. More recently, he initiated the (Y)our Future Project , which aims at helping unemployed youth to find employment in Brussels. This project has become a successful model for tackling youth unemployment in Europe and has been implemented in Latvia, Poland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. For this initiative, Kamil was awarded the IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year Achievement Award in 2013. Kamil has been invited twice as ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ to the St. Gallen’s Symposium, received a Coin of Excellence from the Canadian Chief of Defence Staff for his community work and is frequently invited as a keynote speaker. Click here  for some videos of Kamil.

Hans Cremer

Hans Cremer has combined Projectmanagement and Innovation in the past 10 years setting up multiple ventures for the next generation economy. His ‘Dialogues Incubator’ program is IPMA Project Management Award Winner 2014 in the Netherlands (click here for the Dutch press release) and is now nominated for the IPMA International Award. Hans believes that co-creation away form hierarchy focussing more on human interventions instead of intruments overkill, will really enhance project outcomes. He says: “We are in a terminal stage of seriousness working in over controlled environments with an overload of tools and templates, while we also know that ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and effective human interventions will make the difference.” For more information about Hans check LinkedIn.

bikash_Dhar_ipma_members_115Bikash Dhar

Bikash Dhar is working for the past three years as a Project Manager for Mixed Signal and RF Design in a Research & Development centre in Villach, Austria. Further he is active in the PMA young crew board in Austria. Last year he won the IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year Award. Bikask will provide the GYCW with a workshop on Professional growth through dialogue. His workshop will be a mix of short presentations, group tasks, and interactive dialogues on new and emerging trends such as sustainability.

Alan_Tupicoff_ipma_members_115Alan Tupicoff

Alan Tupicoff has extensive experience over more than 35 years, in all aspects of building and construction within both private and public sector. He has also lectured in aspects of contract and project management within the Vocational Training sector. From 2003 to 2011, Alan was a National Director of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). At this moment he is involved in the Asia-Pacific Federation of Project Management (APSPM) and the IPMA Project Management Awards Programs.

Grzegorz_Szalajko_ipma_members_115Grzegorz Szalajko

Grzegorz Szałajko is a strategic and project management advisor who brings international experience and passion for projects to many organizations worldwide. His main expertise includes strategic projects portfolio management, project governance, deployment of agile methods and recovering control in troubled projects. He worked for global corporations and local market leaders in IT, telecommunication, BPO, R&D, banking, finance, mining, energy and industrial enterprises. Before becoming an independent consultant, he spent over 10 years working in IT companies, e.g. Volvo IT where he was globally responsible for applications development processes. This way he gained experience in reorganization of international teams, global deployment of IT development methods, development of international IT governance and internal control systems, management of change projects and development of e-commerce solutions. He is still actively developing his experience by participation in more and more challenging projects together with his customers. Grzegorz also cooperates with leading organizations in the area of project management and is an active member of their national and international management structures. As a member of the IPMA Awards Management Board he is involved in the IPMA International Project Excellence Award process and contributed to the development of the National Project Excellence Awards in Poland and Nepal. He assessed several large and mega projects in Asia, America and Europe too and, as a co¬author of the current assessors training program, he became an official PE assessors trainer. Also he is a member of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline project team. Regularly Grzegorz shares his experience as a speaker at local and international events for management professionals.

Alena-siteAlena Vejsadová

Alena Vejsadová comes from the Czech Republic and is working at Easy Software s.r.o. in Prague. Her main focus is on implementing and consulting software solutions for different projects. She studied at the Faculty of Informatics and Management at the University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. During her studie she has been actively involved in University government as a member of Students Chamber of Academic Senate for more than five years. Also she has been involved in research activities. Alena is a member of Young Crew Czech Republic since 2009 and reached IPMA Level D. She was elected as a Vice Chairman three times where she was in charge of the key projects and activities. At an international level she played an important role in some of IPMA Young Crew’s most innovative projects. In 2012 she was a member of the Core Team of the first edition of the Global eCollaboration Competition. Also she and her team managed the Project Management Championship. With her expertise on distributed teamwork and the use of virtual tools in project management Alena organised several workshops.

Luca CavoneLuca Cavone

Luca Cavone is a consultant at JMAC Europe, the consulting firm of the Japan Management Association. He is mainly focused to support companies in innovation management and product development Projects. In JMAC Luca follows also the study and development of project management methodologies based on the application of lean thinking approach. Before joining JMAC he worked several years in the aerospace industry. Since 2009 Luca has been actively involved within the International Project Management Association (IPMA); at that time he was between the founders of the Young Crew Italy and was appointed as first chairman. In 2011 he left this position to join the Young Crew Management Board, where he’s currently head of membership and responsible of the Young Project Manager of the Year award. Since 2010 Luca is also fellow of the executive board of IPMA Italy.

Nuon Solar Team 2Nuon Solar Team

The aim of the Nuon Solar Team is winning the Sasol Solar Challenge 2014 in South Africa as a preparation for the World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia. By participating they want to show the world the possibilities of high-end technology and sustainable energy. The team consists of students from different engineering studies at Delft University of Technology. Every two years they build a solar car, called Nuna. Last year Nuna7 won in the World Solar Challenge 2013. The Nuon Solar Team has won the race for five times and obtained a second place twice. This year Nuna7 will be optimized for the Sasol Solar Challenge. The Sasol Solar Challenge is an important race for solar vehicles. One of the biggest competitors of the team will be participating in this race. The race starts in Pretoria, goes through several big cities and ends in Cape Town. The aim of this race is to make the most kilometers in eight days. The highway is a public road, meaning that the teams race through regular traffic. Every racing day starts at 8AM, after which the teams are obliged to stop at 6PM. It is only allowed to use solar energy to reach the finish line. The combination of high-end technology, sustainable energy and the excitement of the race illustrates the Nuon Solar Team’s vision perfectly: they race to show the current possibilities with high-end technology and inspire towards a sustainable future in which durable energy is used in the most efficient way.

Iris Hauch Rameis

Iris Hauck-Rameis

Iris Hauck-Rameis is a certified senior project manager (IPMA Level B) and her experience results from managing projects in the IT, Marketing and Online Gaming business for several years. They range from organization development projects, software/ web application projects to more marketing focused projects. All of them were either done in an international environment or with an intercultural team. In 2010 the ‘French Revolution’ project – led by her – was awarded as prize winner at the PMA Project Excellence award. Iris has been employed as a project manager at bwin.party since 2005 and acts as a project coach on self-employed basis. She is very engaged in the project management community, shares her “best practices” at several congresses and events and works as project excellence award assessor for PMA and IPMA.


Estuardo Calderón Scheel

Estuardo is a facilitator, trainer and consultant. He has 6 years of experience in the consulting sector. Estuardo works as an analyst in industrial markets, as well as a trainer in project management and soft skills. He trains people from across 15 countries.

Estuardo will be the master of ceremony of the Global Young Crew Workshops. As a former Head of Development for IPMA Young Crew Management Board and German GPM Young Crew he believes in the power of IPMA’s Young Crew. This will be his 7th IPMA World Congress and he will make sure the atmosphere is an inspiring one! You can read more about him on LinkedIn  de.linkedin.com/in/estuardocalderonscheel/


Erik Mansson_site

Erik Månsson

Erik Månsson, who is original from Sweden but now based in Frankfurt Germany, is a project manager with a background in the financial industry. At the European Central Bank he worked on the project to launch the € currency and as a program manager at the European Payments Council he was responsible for the SEPA-project (Single Euro Payments Area). Since the start of the yearly IPMA Project Excellence Award in 2002 Erik has been actively participating as an assessor (including four Award Winning projects). He is the most experienced Team Lead Assessor with twelve assignments in Europe, Asia and Australia so far. In addition to his membership in Swedish, German and Nepalese project management associations he is a member of the IPMA Award Management Board (since 2007), the Jury for the German PE Award (since 2009, Chair since 2012) and the EU task force. For a current IPMA project which is developing a baseline for Project Excellence (PEB), which will be published in early 2015, he is active as a project manager. Erik is also responsible for the Award integration between YC and AMBo. As part of being a professional coach and facilitator he is working on aMaster Degree of Applied Coaching at Derby University, UK(Coaching interventions for Leadership and teams focusing on Project Excellence and organisational competence in managing projects).

Information about the other speakers will be published soon.