Project Description

Hans Bol

After his study in Electronics Engineering Hans started in 1981 as a research engineer at the independent research organization TNO in the Netherlands. For more than 25 years Hans worked as a project manager in a variety of projects for Defense and Space applications. During the last couple of years Hans worked as Principle Project Manager for the Optical Bench Module of TROPOMI, an Earth Observation Instrument developed in the Netherlands and planned to be launched in 2015.

Day 1 – 10.45 – Mees Auditorium

Innovation in space projects: A challange or a risk?
How to deal with uncertainties and implementation of new technology into advanced products, such as space instruments? Project Managers must operate within the triangle of strict requirements, a challenging time schedule and a fixed budget keeping in mind the high quality level required by the customer. This presentation will give best practices and guidelines on how to manage innovation in complex product developments.