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City of Rotterdam

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Rotterdam, World Port World City, is a city you have to experience for yourself. It is a young, dynamic, international city with a passionately beating heart. The city keeps reinventing itself at a rapid pace, redefining and expanding its already impressive skyline every time you visit and presenting new cultural and sporting events to surprise and delight you. Its ever-changing nature makes Rotterdam a city that you can rediscover time and again.

City of architecture

Rotterdam is truly a world city. The impressive skyline can be seen from afar, enhancing the city’s imposing appearance. Rotterdam is known in the Netherlands and abroad as a city of great architecture, featuring many examples of innovative construction. The famous Cube Houses are certainly worth a visit, and the special Museum House offers you a look inside.

Entertainment for everyone

Climb high into the sky, look living sharks in the eye or enjoy the peace and quiet of nature: there’s always something for everyone to do in Rotterdam’s attractions. Top attractions like the Rotterdam Zoo, Spido boat tours and the Euromast guarantee fun times all day long for young and old.

Get a taste of Rotterdam

Take a moment to relax and have a drink on a sunny terrace or in a grandcafé like Dudok. Conclude your day with a fantastic dinner in one of many restaurants that Rotterdam offers. From classic French cuisine to spicy and exotic dishes, this vibrant city has it all. That is why restaurant guide SpecialBite has named Rotterdam the Culinary Capital of 2010.

Shop till you drop in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a fabulous shopping city any season of the year. Even on Sunday, when many shops in this country close their doors for a day off, shopaholics can indulge themselves in Rotterdam. The shops in the city centre are open seven days a week. From exclusive to popular, from megastore to small boutique, situated in an arcade or a bustling street, Rotterdam has it all.

City of water on the Maas

The Maas river runs through the city centre, crossed by the now-famous Erasmus Bridge which has become the symbol of Rotterdam. Countless small harbours are situated along the banks of the Maas, each with its own unique character. Further downstream the industrial port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. Explore the waterfront and walk along the Veerhaven and the Boompjes, take a sailing tour through the port with Spido, or take the water taxi for a quick trip to the other side.

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